Monday, May 11, 2015

Disruptive Technology

If I told you there was a disruptive technology that didn't cost anything, that you could use anywhere without having to carry it, log on, or find wi-fi, that was easy to learn and simple to do, and using this technology for just ten minutes a day would literally change your work life (and your company) for the better, you'd probably ask:"what's the catch," "what's the hidden fee," "Is the beta free but I'm going to get hammered for the upgrade?"

Luckily this piece of disruptive technology has already been beta tested for a couple of thousand years. It's called mindfulness. Meditation. MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction). And some very influential companies are already using it to gain an edge in terms of employee focus, happiness, stress reduction and productivity. Best of all, science is all over this in terms of proving its efficacy as a tool to improve lives and organizations.

I'm not talking about meditation as a religious activity. Adapted from the contemplative traditions found in many of the world's great religious traditions to be sure, but MSBR embraces and uses the tools to enhance secular ends and well-being. No diss of the religious traditions, but MSBR is about as secular a program as you can get. No incense, no tea, no need to give up bacon, no cushions, no chanting. Just stillness (more on that in other posts).

Companies from Google (of course) to General Mills (wut?) are using mindfulness or MBSR training to make a difference in their companies cultures and people - right now.

Read more about how companies are embracing mindfulness here: Future Of Work: Mindfulness As A Leadership Practice

I'm currently reading a good book on mindfulness and work called "Mindful Work" by David Gelles that is a tad dry but spot on with its facts, anecdotes and instruction. This book review will give you a flavor for it.

This is truly a disruptive technology that is worth a look and, as an added bonus, you won't even need to talk to your IT department.

Thanks for reading.